A short enthusiasm about mini forests

Every so often my day job drives me to a certain point of frustration where I start to question if I really actually need to eat, have a roof over my head and so on.  It’s a good job most of the time, but some days there is that little stretch too far, that mow-all-in-their-path career opportunist too many, that one last bug that just won’t come out in the wash.  I am tired, too tired to puzzle through anything else for today.  I am shortly about to go live with some big fixes so I’m just killing a few minutes to wait til the appointed hour  by scribbling here.  I think I mentioned before that I used to enjoy having my favourite photos sets as rotating desktop wallpaper, til group policy fixed us all with a corporate identity.  I decided to wander past here and post a few photos to get a little fix instead.

I’ve been spotting lush moss forests, lichen thickets or planetscapes in mundane spaces on the way to work, to brighten things up a bit. I was in my late teens or thereabouts when my dad, a keen amateur photographer, started getting really interested in macro photography.  I remember being awestruck at the detail he could achieve while simultaneously not really getting why he would take 20 shots of the same flower head or butterfly.  Maybe my younger brain was too busy to properly latch onto it, which is understandable considering the rate at which it was processing new information about so much, inside and out, all the time.   I’m not currently able to take photos on anything but my trusty iPhone, but hopefully, when I can again, I’ll get to experiment with macro settings for myself.  For now I’m getting  a kick out of noticing these teeny details and populating them with my imagination.


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